Net fishing for obtaining bait

We’re going catching small fish in the fishing net for catch live fishing bait next is saving money. We’re going to catch Yellow-eye mullet for about one hour before high water and preferably in solar weather. Sometimes we get lucky more, sometimes less.

Trip to Europe 2013 – Part 8 Bratislava

We came to Bratislava. We went from train station to Hodžovo Square, is a major square in Bratislava. The square is located at the edge of Old Town, in front of the Slovak Presidential Palace, some 5 minutes walking distance from the historical city center. We went to historical center where we went to coffee La Putika. Robin found cheaper accommodation on boat. Late afternoon we went for walk through Bratislava. Bratislava is nice town but we did’t like destruction of the old town due to the bridge.

Trip to Europe 2013 – Part 10 Prague

Robin with his mom went into the woods to pick mushrooms in Dobrosovicich. At lunch they went to the castle restaurant and they enjoyed good food and drink. Later in the afternoon I come to Prague. Robin and I went on a night tour of Prague. We visited the Golden Lane, we are struck river Vltava with a view of the Charles Bridge. Next day we started with breakfast in the sweetshop and continue to walk across Prague – Loreta, Stag Moat …

How to make a lovely little decoration

This Lovely little decoration will delight any woman. It is simple and again there is no need to buy expensive things. I use hard paper, wool, flowers (you can use the plastic flowers), for fresh flowers what I used I needed a small jar of water. I used test tube after glitters. Dale I used the wine glass, sand and shells and for fixing heard I used skewers.

Mosquito net under the door

In this video I want to show how to get rid of Hole under the door. I was quite surprised to learn that a fly will find this area to be able to get into the house. So what to do? I don’t like flies in home they have place out and because of them I will not buy new door 🙂
This work is more for women than for men, but the result is the same – to stop fly insects inside.

Trip to Europe 2013 – Part 1

In this video we are beginning our holiday in the Czech Republic. Our holiday begins with a long flight from Auckland (NZ) to Prague (CZ) via Melbourne and Dubai. The whole flying experience is a long 30 hours and on the plane we spent 23.hours.