How to make meatloaf-spinach cake

This is another idea for a Healthy meal. It’s just spinach, eggs, chicken meatloaf, some spices and for cream cottage cheese, mustard. Whole cake have 2424 calories and is full protein. This cake is good for sportsmen and for people what want healthy food.

How to make Easter bunny – recycling cardboard

This video show you How you can make cute Easter decoration from recycled materials – cardboard.This decorations is easy and you can do this with children. Besides the already mentioned cardboard you will need twine,ribbon, glue, scissors, hot glue gun, ruler and pen. For decorations the bunny I used plastic flowers, floral foam – dry, feathers, and small chickens.

How to make easy rainbow candle

This video show you how you can make Easy nice rainbow candle from recycling or cheap candles. Now my candle doesn’t look cheap. I made decoration with my rainbow candle and I used flowers and more candles – floating candles.

How to make chocolate heart box

This video show you how to make a Chocolate heart box. For this you’ll need a baking paper, glass and melted chocolate. You can fill a chocolate box with fruit or chocolate cream just like me and decorate with sprinkled nuts and strawberry.

How to make well from recycled newspaper

This video show you next idea how to Recycle newspapers and made more nice decoration for your room.
For this well from newspaper you will need that – a roll of newspapers, scissors, glue, cardboard, I will use spray paint, for help I use skewers and clothespins, a piece of twine and some decoration.
The bottom of the basket you can make from cardboard. It will be easier.

Recycling – How to make a paper fan

This video will show you how you can make a Paper fan from newspapers and cardboard. For this you need – newspaper rolls for weaving, cardboard, lace, glue, you can use hot glue gun, paint, skewers, clothespins, scissors and I use plastic flowers for decorations.

How to make a box with a heart

This video show you how to easily Change the look of old box for new look. The box is closable with glitter heart and box is decorated with glitter inscription. For this box I need – old box, colour paper, glue stick, scissors and glitters.

Recycling – winter decoration from egg carton

This video show you how you can make Christmas ornaments from egg cartons. You will need egg carton, scissors, glue, some paint and brush and glitters. For snowman I will use chenille stems, permanent marker, eyes and small piece felt.
I think that it will be a winter fun activity for kids and parents.

How to make a snowman on skis

In this video I’ll show you how I made a Winter cute decor – snowman on skis. I needed 3 polystyrene balls – I used only 2 and the third is Christmas balls, polystyrene, cotton, pieces of cardboard, glue or hot glue gun, 4 chenille stems, 2 toothpicks, wool, eyes, rolls of toilet paper, flowers and Christmas balls for decoration.

How to make flowers from felt

In this video I will show you how to do a Flower out of felt. There is a need felt, marker of the colour of the fabric, cotton buds, yellow paint on paper, scissors, candle, small piece of duct tape and I used a piece of wire. for fixing leaves to flower.

How to make interesting meal for Halloween

This video will show you an idea for an Unusual meal for Halloween. The basis is the same as the meat loaf that is shaped to hand. Bone and nails are made ​​of onions. The whole hand is covered with cheese. The hand is sprayed tomato sauce that looks like blood. As Annex I chose the mashed potatoes.

How to make a fragrant basket

This video will show you how you can quickly and easily produce Fragrant basket to decorate your room or it may be a good idea for a small gift. For this basket is needed fragrant soap, ribbons, pins, a piece of wire and flowers.

How to make a hedgehog from socks

In this video I will show you how you can do a Hedgehog of socks. You can do hedgehogs with children and as a result they will surely have a nice toy. You need socks, wool, needle and thread, cotton, eyes, glue a permanent pen.

How to make basket without weaving

This video will show you how you can make your basket and you do not have to learn to weaving. I cut some twigs on the garden. Is one from which the tree or shrub some branches you will cut but must be flexible. Next I used a piece of wire that I fasten on a plastic bottle that created bottom of the basket. Next you just to fasten twigs with wire, you be sure to rotate 3 times.

How to make a simple doll from wool

Today I will show you how easily you can do a Doll made ​​of wool. What is needed is a wool, cardboard, scissors. Next I used fabric for the face, piece of cloth on the making of dresses for doll, glue, thread and needle, 2 beads for eyes, red thread for mouth, finer wool or thread or small piece cloth with hair. Dale, I used a piece of ribbon and small piece lace for to making mudflap.