DIY How to make fairy lantern jar

This video show you How you can make a next decoration for your home or balcony. You can create a cute Fairy in a lantern. This lantern can be nice night lighting or you can create a magical and romantic atmosphere.. Be careful. You must only use LED candle.

DIY – How to Make a Fairy Baby

Here is an idea how you can make Cute baby fairy from foam sheets. I use 2 small polystyrene balls different sizes, pins and foam sheets, next I used scissors and hot glue gun and blusher.
I will use this fairy baby for decorate my balcony.

DIY – How To Make Amazing Basket – crafts from recycled plastic bottle

In this video I show how to make a beautiful Basket from recycled plastic bottles. This is an easy project to do and will cost nothing but some time.
This basket can be Gorgeous decoration made from a plastic bottle. You can use this basket out from plastic bottles for decoration your room or balcony or will look great How gift box or etc. Great and very rewarding little project to have fun with reusing plastic bottle.

DIY: 3D Star Candle Holder / Recycle Plastic Bottles

Friends lets see How to make this beautiful DIY 3D Star made from a plastic bottle. Beauty of this craft lies in the fact that it is too simple and made with waste plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are easily available in almost every shop and household. Can you ever imagine that these thrown away waste thing can be used and combined in such a way that it forms a beautiful room decoration that will enhance the beauty of your house? Just try this craft this festive season.

DIY TRAVELLING AN IDEA – GUIDE for weird but comfortable pillow for a long traveling by car or plane

We travel every year, a very long way, and I wanted to make a Pillow for comfortable travelling by car or plane or train. And this video will show you how I made my pillow for us for the long trip. This pillow fix your head in car seats or aircraft. Your head will not have downward forward and even sideways, too. My partner gives this pillow over his eyes. This pillow is soft and comfortable, even if it seems crazy.

DIY – simple one side hairdo For Lazy Girls

In this, Step-by-step, hair tutorial video, I’m going to show you how to create easy, one side braided hairstyles.This hairdo should take you about about 5 minutes to do. So you can wake up to do this easy hairstyle for school or work. Hair tutorial: how to do quick & easy, side hairdo for everyday, prom & wedding. This hairstyles is for long or medium hair.
This video is about pretty styles, cute one side hair tutorial is for braided hairstyles for long hair, hairstyles for medium hair, for School hairstyles, graduation hairstyles, looks for teenagers, wedding hairstyles, bridesmaid, for teenagers, teenage hairstyles for school. This hairdo is unique, cute and easy school hairstyles.