M&M’s chocolate lava mug cake recipe dessert with kinder egg surprise How to cook chocolate souffle

Now whether you call it Chocolate Fondant, or Molten Lava or Choco Lava Cake.
I like these molten chocolate cakes are easy, fun, and simply delicious and this magic chocolate lava cake is so much more impressive.
So I came up with making this chocolate lava cake with surprise. I use kinder egg surprise for support M&M’s from dough.This desert M&M’s chocolate lava mug cake recipe dessert with kinder egg surprise How to cook chocolate souffle is fast and easy.
For 1 mug cake you will need

How to make a house from jelly

In this video I will show how I made Jelly house cake. For this cake I need jellies, fruits, mousse, chocolate, cardboard, duct tape, baking trays, wrapping foil and baking paper. The result is nice cake and certainly no one would refuse this cake.

How to make meatloaf-spinach cake

This is another idea for a Healthy meal. It’s just spinach, eggs, chicken meatloaf, some spices and for cream cottage cheese, mustard. Whole cake have 2424 calories and is full protein. This cake is good for sportsmen and for people what want healthy food.

How to make chocolate heart box

This video show you how to make a Chocolate heart box. For this you’ll need a baking paper, glass and melted chocolate. You can fill a chocolate box with fruit or chocolate cream just like me and decorate with sprinkled nuts and strawberry.

How to make interesting meal for Halloween

This video will show you an idea for an Unusual meal for Halloween. The basis is the same as the meat loaf that is shaped to hand. Bone and nails are made ​​of onions. The whole hand is covered with cheese. The hand is sprayed tomato sauce that looks like blood. As Annex I chose the mashed potatoes.

How to make cute chocolate decorations

I’m not a professional. I decided to make for the first time in my life Chocolate cake decorations. On the Internet I found the paintings what I liked. Twig of cherry and bees that dancing ..
Next I needed melted chocolate and the appropriate size baking paper. First I drew the outline of the image and I subsequently filled chocolates. I put my picture in the fridge. It’s easy remove to chocolate decorations from baking paper.

How to make eggs loaf

The eggs loaf is full of vegetables, seasoned with a little fat-free ham, pickled gherkin, Greek yogurt and good low-fat mayonnaise. The result is a surprisingly good eggs loaf which has only 1,600 calories. A 150 g serving has about 160 calories. Which is not bad.