DIY – How to make a key ring from drinking straws

In this video I show you an idea for using drinking straws. I will make this Key ring with a photo. For this project a need drinking straws, scissors, photo, baking paper, iron, hot glue gun, glitter, satin lace, pin, lighter, key chain and something for decoration.

I will hope you enjoy.
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How to Make Stretchy Flowers Bead Bracelet

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How to Make Stretchy Flowers Bead Bracelet

Bracelets can be fun and easy to make. Seed beads bracelet are definitely making a comeback, which we LOVE, because they are seriously one of the simplest pieces of jewellery to make. People of all ages can make them, even children. Follow this step-by-step seed bead bracelet tutorial and make your own flowers bracelet.


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DIY recycling craft – how to make a bracelet from plastic bottle and aluminium foil

This video show you how you can make a Bracelet from recycled material – plastic bottle.
It’s not too complicated. You will need plastic bottle, aluminium foil, scissors, rope, lace, glue, some paint I will use paint spray and some decoration.
It’s fast and easy way to make a bracelet out of a plastic bottle. I think making jewellery from recycled things is great – we can give a second life for plastic bottle and create a new accessories.

DIY – How to make a little pipe cleaner flower rings

I want to go to the market teach kids playing with pipe cleaner and make magnet or animals or rings for younger girl. This video show you How to make an Orchid ring from pipe cleaner. For this I need 2 pipe cleaners for petals, 1 green pipe cleaner and 1 pipe cleaner for column of orchid. This ring from pipe cleaner isn’t too complicated and you can be a nice fashion accessory for young girl.

Recycling DIY – How to make slippers with plastic bottle

Here is my idea How you can make Cheap slippers and for this I used plastic bottle, shoe inserts, wool, hook for crochet, scissors, permanent marker, paper hole punch, glue, needle and thread for to fix some decoration if you want. A lot of this things you can find at home. I bought only shoe insert. It’s fine if you want use only one. It’s not necessary clean underside of slippers with second shoe insert.

How to change simply an umbrella into the parasol

This video show you how you can change cheap umbrella for a Nice parasol for your a small princess or for bride or for your dolls. For this I need only umbrella, I made lace crochet and I found a pattern on internet but if you don’t know crochet you can find some lace at home or you can ask your grandma or you can buy lace in shop. Next I need only thread and needle and scissors.

How to make bracelet from beads and wire

In this video I will show you how you can make the Bracelet from wire and beads next I’ll need for this bracelet blue thread, hook for crochet and some elastic thread or ribbon for ending bracelet. Production of this bracelet seem complicated but if you know how to crochet you can easily make this bracelet.

How to Make Knot Bracelet made ​​from ribbons

In this video I will show you how you can make the Ribbon bracelet that you can use for a watch. I needed for the production this bracelet, ribbons, candle for clearing sides of ribbons, bead and I used a decoration that you can replace the already mentioned watches or other decoration. Production is not complex.